One-dimensional PSD


PSD compatible to lead-free reflow soldering


The S15430 series is a position sensitive detector (PSD) compatible to lead-free reflow soldering. The small and thin leadless package allows reducing the mount area on a printed circuit board.

-Photosensitive area: 1× 6 mm (resistance length: 6 mm)
-Visible light cut type
-High interelectrode resistance: 300 kΩ
-Surface mount type
 Compact and thin leadless package
-Applicable lead-free reflow soldering


Photosensitive area 1 x 6 mm
Package Glass epoxy
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 960 nm
Photosensitivity (typ.) 0.5 A/W
Package category Surface mount type
Spectral response range 780 to 1100
Dark current (max.) 2 nA
Rise time (typ.) 15 μs
Terminal capacitance (typ.) 60 pF
Interelectrode resistance (typ.) 300 kΩ
Measurement condition photosensitivity: λ=890 nm, dark current: VR=1 V, rise time: VR=1 V, RL=1 kΩ, λ=890 nm, terminal capacitance: VR=1 V, f=10 kHz, Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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