CCD area image sensor


512 × 512 pixels, back-thinned FFT-CCD

HAMAMATSU developed MPP (multi-pinned phase) mode back-thinned FFT-CCDs S7170-0909-01 specifically designed for low-light-level detection in scientific applications. The S7170-0909-01 has sensitivity from the UV to near-IR as well as having low dark current and wide dynamic range. Stabillity of the spectral response curve is also achieved for high precision measurements.

-512 × 512 pixel format
-Greater than 90% quantum efficiency at peak sensitivity wavelength
-Wide spectrum range
-Low readout noise
-Wide dynamic range
-MPP operation
-One-stage TE-cooled type

Type Binning type
For scientific measurement
Image size 12.288 x 12.288 mm
Number of effective pixels 512 x 512 pixels
Pixel size 24 x 24 μm
Spectral response range 200 to 1100 nm
Frame rate 0.9 frames/s
Dark current (typ.) 100 e-/pixel/s
Readout noise (typ.) 8 e- rms
Cooling One-stage TE-cooled
Package Ceramic
Dedicated driver circuit
Note Two-stage TE-cooled type is available upon request (made-to-order producut)
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted, frame rate: area scanning

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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