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Application examples | UVTRON®: Discharge / Flame sensors

UVTRON® are UV ON/OFF detectors that can quickly detect a flame’s weak UV emission from a distance, making them suitable for flame detectors and fire alarms. They have a narrow spectral sensitivity from 185 nm to 300 nm and are completely insensitive to visible light. They make it possible to design a high-sensitivity, quick-response UV detection system with simple circuitry.

Boiler and hydrogen boiler flame monitoring

If the boiler flame goes out, UVTRON instantly detects this state to maintain a high level of safety and allows promptly taking the necessary action. UVTRON is also used to monitor the combustion from hydrogen flames which is nearly invisible to the human eye and is difficult to accurately detect by conventional infrared sensors or flame rods.


Click here for a demonstration video of combustion monitoring

Click here for more information on hydrogen flame monitoring

Fire detection in hazardous material handling areas

UVTRON is ideal for detecting fire and flames in places where hazardous materials are handled such as gas stations and hydrogen stations. UVTRON can be used outdoors thanks to its solar-blind spectral response that makes it insensitive to sunlight.


Click here for a demonstration video of flame detection

Click here for more information on hydrogen flame detection

Detection of discharges on high-voltage power lines

The status of high-voltage power lines can be monitored and inspected by detecting UV light emitted from corona discharges. Since UVTRON has solar-blind spectral response that allows outdoor use, its range of applications is expanding to include monitoring of power line towers and power distribution panels. Moreover, UVTRON can be mounted on a drone due to its compact and lightweight.


Click here for a demonstration video of discharge detection

Fire detection in facilities and warehouses

UVTRON accurately captures even weak UV light emitted from flames and so can be used in large spaces such as huge shopping malls, warehouses and countless types of other facilities.


Click here for a demonstration video flame detection

Forest fire detection

UVTRON accurately detects even far away flames, making it ideal for detecting flames over wide areas such as when monitoring potential forest fires. Because even small flames can be detected at distances of about 100 meters, mounting a UVTRON on a drone allows monitoring for potential forest fires from overhead locations.


Click here for a demonstration video of flame detection

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