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X-ray TDI camera



X-ray TDI camera is useful for in-line applications requiring high-speed operation, high sensitivity and high resolution with wide area.
C12300-461B is drastically improved the line speed up to 144.0 m/min. With bidirectional scanning operation, it enables to capture the objects effectively and improves the machine cycle time.

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  • High speed readout: 30 kHz
  • High sensitivity: TDI 150 step integration
  • Bidirectional scanning operation
  • Improving radiation hardness
  • High S/N ratio with 16 bit output
  • Camera Link interface
  • Single power supply (+15 V) operation
  • Real time dark current/shading correction function
  • Equipped with frame readout mode

Bidirectional scanning operation is supported


C12300-461B enables for the bidirectional scanning (inverse direction scanning) operation. It is useful when the scanning direction is different in the same inspection system or the rescanning is needed for NG judgement. Also the machine cycle time can be improved for large objects such as PCBs.



Type number C12300-461B
Scintillator FOS (Fiber optic plate with scintillator)
Effective X-ray tube voltage range Approx. 10 kV to 110 kV*1
Number of pixels 6144 (H) × 150 (V)
X-ray sensitive area 293.4 mm (H) × 7.2 mm (V)
Line speed 0.576 m/min to 86.4 m/min
TDI line rate 1×1: Max. 30.0 kHz (86.4 m/min)
binning 2×2: Max. 25.0 kHz (144.0 m/min)
A/D converter 16 bit
External control interface Camera Link Full Configuration
Output signals (Image data) 16 bit digital output
Pixel clock 50 MHz (Camera Link)
Power supply DC +15 V
Power consumption Approx. 45 VA
*1 Usable range of X-ray strength may vary depending on the tube current, the tube voltage and the distance.


c12300-461B dimensional outline

a8206-60 dimensional outline

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