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Balanced detector



Balanced detectors with reduced multiple reflections
(Optimal wavelength band: 1.3 μm)

C12668-04 is a differential amplification type photoelectric conversion module containing two Hamamatsu photodiodes with balanced characteristics. The photodiodes are connected in a direction that cancels out the photocurrent of each photodiode. This configuration cancels out the common mode noise of the two incident light rays. The minute difference in light levels is treated as a displacement signal, converted into an electrical signal, and output. Moreover, the adoption of our unique structure that suppresses multiple reflections of incident light has made it possible to reduce the noise caused by the reflections.This product can be applied to optical coherence tomography (OCT) used in ophthalmologic examinations and the like. The balanced detector can convert into electrical signals the minute difference in the signal light produced when the back scattering light from the subject is made to interfere with the reference light.

-Employs our unique structure that reduces multiple reflections at the incident light wavelength of 1.3 μm
-Cutoff frequency: 400 MHz
-Common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR): 30 dB typ.
-Input section: FC receptacle (APC polished)
  A single-mode fiber with an FC connector can be connected.
-Output section: SMA receptacle

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