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High resolution X-ray imaging system


The high resolution X-ray imaging system is designed for the application of X-ray beam alignment. Adopting unique mechanism, it enables to combine various type of cameras for real time X-ray beam alignment. Beryllium input window realized wide range of X-ray energy and coupled with L-shaped quartz optics makes high X-ray radiation tolerance.

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  • X-ray proof design (adopting a quartz glass plate and L-shaped optics)
  • Easy to exchange scintillators
  • Possible to detect low X-ray energy
  • Small size and light weight
  • Remote controllable focus adjustment
  • One touch design for camera attachment
  • High resolution


  • X-ray CT
  • Phase contrast X-ray CT
  • X-ray optics alignment
  • X-ray topography
  • X-ray microscope
  • Angiography
  • XAFS


AA40 dimensional outline



AA50 dimensional outline



AA60 dimensional outline








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