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Compact 2W xenon flash lamp module



The L13821 series is a lamp module that consists of circular circuit boards stacked in a cylindrical shape, giving greater freedom of design while maintaining a high output, high stability, and long lifetime.
Further miniaturization and operation on a 5 V mobile battery allow installing the L13821 series into various types of portable, compact equipment such as for water quality inspections and a vast range of other applications.

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  • Compact size (world's smallest *)
  • Operates on 5 V mobile battery
  • High stability: 0.4 %CV Typ.
  • Long life: 1 × 109 flashes
  • Repetition rate: 1250 Hz Max.
  • Broad spectrum: UV to middle IR

* By our research (as of September 2016)


Spectroscopic analysis
Blood analysis
Environmental analysis
Water pollution analysis (TOC, TN, etc.)
Air pollution analysis (NOx, SOx, etc.)
Gas analysis (CH4, etc.)

Type number guide

Spectral irradiance (Typ.)


Vibration and shock resistance

Resistance to vibration : 5 Hz to 200 Hz, 15 m/s2
Resistance to shock : 500 m/s2

Operating conditions


Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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