Signal processing unit for PD module


Specifically designed for photodiode modules (C10439 series)


C10475-01 is a signal processing unit specifically designed to convert the output of a photodiode module (C10439 series) into digital signals. Highresolution digital output (16 bits) can be obtained through serial connection (RS-232C) to a PC. The sample software that comes with C10475-01 allows easily obtaining measurement data using the PC. The measurement data can also be recorded in the internal memory (data logger function). C10475-01 can also operate on batteries for portability.

-High-resolution digital output (16-bit)
-Data logger function
-Low battery function
-Choice of internal battery (+9 V) or stabilized DC power supply (+12 V) operation
-Supplies power to the photodiode module


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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