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Our cameras are designed to deliver beautiful and reliably quantitative images even in the most demanding of applications.


The world's first camera to incorporate the qCMOS image sensor.

A measurement camera which incorporates a CMOS sensor for scientific research use.

A measurement camera which incorporates a EM-CCD sensor.

A measurement camera which incorporates a InGaAs sensor for measurement near-infrared wavelength.

Time-delayed integration (TDI) cameras are a special implementation of CCDs for high speed, low light OEM applications.

Board level cameras

These easy-to-integrate, small form factor, streamlined cameras are ideal for OEM applications that demand both high performance and cost effectiveness.

Our board-level cameras provide a space- and cost-effective way to integrate TDI performance into an OEM instrument.

X-ray cameras

X-ray line scan cameras produce high-sensitivity, high-resolution, X-ray transmission images of moving objects transported on a conveyor belt or similar apparatus.

X-ray TDI cameras useful for in-line imaging applications requiring high-speed operation with high sensitivity.

X-ray CMOS cameras are suitable for micro object by achieving high resolution image.

X-ray camera units those contain an X-ray image intensifier and a CCD camera.

High-resolution imaging system designed for X-ray beam alignment.


Our software provides the interface to access all of our carefully engineered camera features, from simply setting exposure to orchestrating complex triggering for multidimensional experiments.

We have designed a Software API to be used by all Hamamatsu digital cameras, named DCAM-API, and designed a Software Development Kit for the integration of Hamamatsu cameras with custom software.

Third party software

As imaging setups become more complex, software has to control not only a camera, but also many other devices such as microscopes, stages and filter wheels… Therefore, companies have integrated Hamamatsu DCAM based cameras into their software products.

Special sites

This site provides information on scientific cameras.

Since there is a wide range of camera types and performance, it is important to select the best camera for each application.

It introduces technical information, simulation tools, and examples of actual applications to help you fully understand the performance of the camera and select the best one for your application.

This is a special site that provides technical information and application examples of scientific cameras.

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