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Our cameras are designed to deliver beautiful and reliably quantitative images even in the most demanding of applications.


The world's first camera to incorporate the qCMOS image sensor.

A measurement camera which incorporates a CMOS sensor for scientific research use.

A measurement camera which incorporates a high-sensitive CCD sensor.

A measurement camera which incorporates a EM-CCD sensor.

A measurement camera which incorporates a InGaAs sensor for measurement near-infrared wavelength.

Time-delayed integration (TDI) cameras are a special implementation of CCDs for high speed, low light OEM applications.

Board level cameras

These easy-to-integrate, small form factor, streamlined cameras are ideal for OEM applications that demand both high performance and cost effectiveness.

Our board-level cameras provide a space- and cost-effective way to integrate TDI performance into an OEM instrument.

X-ray cameras

X-ray line scan cameras produce high-sensitivity, high-resolution, X-ray transmission images of moving objects transported on a conveyor belt or similar apparatus.

X-ray TDI cameras useful for in-line imaging applications requiring high-speed operation with high sensitivity.

X-ray CMOS cameras are suitable for micro object by achieving high resolution image.

X-ray camera units those contain an X-ray image intensifier and a CCD camera.

High-resolution imaging system designed for X-ray beam alignment.


From extensive in-house development tools for a variety of programming environments to numerous third-party user interfaces, our cameras are fully software-supported.

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