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X-ray sensors

Sensors and modules for x-ray detection.

Silicon photodiodes with large active areas for x-ray detection such as baggage inspection and nondestructive testing. Some models come pre-coupled to a scintillator while others do not.

Detectors comprised of a silicon photodiode array mounted on a board. Some models come pre-coupled to a scintillator while others do not. Suitable for x-ray baggage inspection and nondestructive testing.

Silicon photodiode arrays combined with signal processing integrated circuits (IC). 64-256 ch arrays with or without scintillators. Driver circuits available for easy implementation.

High-speed, high-resolution, and wide dynamic range X-ray digital imaging device that provides high-quality images for X-ray non-destructive inspection.

These are CCD/CMOS/NMOS image sensors for X-ray detection.

Cameras useful for in-line imaging applications requiring high-speed operation with high sensitivity. While conventional line sensor cameras suffer from low brightness under high-resolution imaging, X-ray TDI cameras improve the image brightness, resulting in enhanced images. Most appropriate for imaging linearly moving objects or where the aspect ratio is significantly asymmetric. Vertical X-ray TDI cameras that can be installed in narrow spaces are also available.

X-ray line scan cameras produce high-sensitivity, high-resolution, X-ray transmission images of moving objects transported on a conveyor belt or similar apparatus. A variety of options are available.

Flat panel devices for x-ray imaging that can be directly coupled to a commercial CCD for real-time radiography. Suitable for a wide range of fields from industrial x-ray inspection to medical x-ray exams.

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