manufacturing process support system manufacturing process support system

Manufacturing support systems

Noncontact high precision thickness measurement systems utilizing laser interferometry and spectrum interferometry.

Our high-speed, high-accuracy optical pinhole inspection units are ideal tools to meet a growing demand for the reliable detection of hard-to-find micro pinholes.

UV-LED light sources are high output and adopting proprietary air-cooling method. It is appropriate for UV printing, UV bonding, UV coating and other a lot of applications. Choosing best product is available from irradiation area, wavelength, output power and so on.

Excimer lamp light sources contribute to surface modification, dry cleaning, oxidative decomposition, TOC measurement, and VOC decomposition. The optimum product can be selected based on the product size and irradiation area.

Photoionization is a clean technique to neutralize electrostatic charges by using light to directly ionize atoms and molecules in the air or in a vacuum. This method is efficient and effective even with objects or environments where electrostatic charges have proven difficult to remove by conventional methods.

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