qCMOS cameras

The world's first camera to incorporate the qCMOS image sensor. The camera achieves the ultimate in quantitative imaging.

What is qCMOS (quantitative CMOS) camera ?

The qCMOS camera is an ultra-sensitive camera that combines extremely low noise performance with fast readout. The qCMOS camera is the first in the world to enable photon number resolving imaging, which accurately measures the number of photons, because the noise generated when converting light into a signal is lower than that generated by photons, the smallest unit of light.

The ultimate quantitative imaging with the qCMOS camera is expected to find applications in various fields, including quantum technology, astronomy, semiconductors, and life sciences.

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Camera article

qCMOS camera vs. EM-CCD camera – Performance comparison of Photon counting cameras

The qCMOS camera is positioned as an ultra-sensitive camera that offers the ultimate in quantitative imaging because of its extremely low noise performance. Therefore, when comparing a qCMOS and EM-CCD camera it is necessary to judge which camera is best suited to your application.


The purpose of this article is to compare qCMOS and EM-CCD cameras to help you choose the best camera for your application.


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