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The evolution of imaging technology is directly linked to new scientific achievements. Scientific imaging has moved many experiments from relying on subjective recording into objectively documentable, repeatable, and quantifiable methods. Demanding and extremely valuable techniques such as single-molecule-based methods would not be possible without appropriate image sensors. The novel quantitative CMOS (qCMOS) technology finally reaches the physical limit: reliable quantification of photon numbers within each pixel, eliminating the influence of technology on the “triangle of frustration” (resolution, sensitivity, speed). This white paper discusses the new image sensor technology that is at the heart of the qCMOS camera. Topics include the semiconductor image sensor, the state of the art approaches to quantitative semiconductor image sensors, The qCMOS image sensor, and the challenges for photon number resolving.

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c15550-20UP white paper

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Astronomy is a field where various researches are being conducted to discover and explore unknown celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena. This brochure introduces examples of such applications and our cameras suitable for each application.

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