Custom opto-semiconductor devices

Custom opto-semiconductor devices tailored to meet your needs

We recognize that standard solutions may not always align with your specific needs. That's why we provide custom opto-semiconductor devices tailored to your requirements. Whether you need custom photosensors or light emitters, we're committed to delivering the perfect solution for you. From the initial specification review to the final delivery, we ensure seamless communication and collaboration at every stage, providing the best devices for your unique needs.


Embark on our customization experience


1. Initial specification review:

We start by thoroughly reviewing your initial specifications to understand your requirements.

2. Design and planning:

Our expert design team plans and designs a tailored solution based on your requested specifications.

3. Simulation and testing:

Utilizing our cutting-edge in-house simulation technology to perform a comprehensive simulation from various aspects to ensure optimal performance.

4. Prototype evaluation:

You assess the prototype, and we'll fine-tune it based on your feedback to ensure optimal performance.

5. Finalize specification:

We finalize production specifications based on discussions with you and successful evaluation results.

6. Mass production:

With expertise in wafer processing and package assembly, we deliver in your requested packaging format, ensuring a smooth transition to mass production.

7. Ongoing innovation:

Anticipating future needs, we leverage our extensive technology and expertise to propose even better solutions, ensuring your projects stay ahead of the curve.

Our manufacturing technologies are the basis for customization

Backed by more than 70 years of experience, our opto-semiconductor devices have been trusted across diverse industries, including scientific measurement, medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer products. With a rich product lineup supporting various wavelengths and integrated production capabilities, we cover everything from design and semiconductor processing to assembly and inspection.

Custom modules also available

We can produce both individual devices and custom modules that incorporate them. At Hamamatsu, we integrate opto-semiconductor, optical, circuit, mounting, and software technologies to deliver easy-to-use module formats tailored to your needs that streamline your processes.

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