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High-voltage power supplies

High-voltage power supplies designed to meet stability requirements for PMT operation. Models range from on-board to general-purpose bench-top units.

Modular type|Product list


These compact high-voltage power supply modules offer high power efficiency and low heat generation. Our wide line-up includes a variety of models from fingertip size to large current output types.

Modular type|For PMT


High-voltage power supply modules are specifically designed with an emphasis on stability and low noise, making them ideal for photomultiplier tube (PMT) operation where even slight voltage fluctuations should be avoided. Their high product quality ensures high performance not only in PMT applications but also for a host of other fields and tasks.

Modular type|For special applications


Making full use of high-voltage power supply technology we accumulated over long years of work with photomultiplier tubes (PMT), we also design high-voltage power supply modules optimized for a wide range of applications other than PMT.

Bench-top type|Product list


Bench-top high-voltage power supplies are available that can easily operate a photomultiplier tube (PMT) by plug and play. These high-voltage power supplies also provide multiple low-voltage outputs of ±5 V and ±15 V and can be controlled by an external device via USB connection.

High power efficiency minimizes heat generation to reduce energy loss

Internal heat emissions in high-voltage power supplies can badly affect surrounding components, but our high-voltage power supplies provide a maximum power efficiency of 90% that minimizes internal heat emission to achieve a long service life.

Surface temperature after 30 minutes of continuous operation

Power efficiency of our high-voltage power supply


Evolving miniaturization

We achieved miniaturization by suppressing internal heat generation to allow designs having high component density. Our miniaturized high-voltage power supplies with low heat generation help users to keep designing ever more compact yet powerful devices.

High stability and low noise

We amassed considerable high technology in developing power supplies for photomultiplier tube operation where even slight voltage fluctuations should be avoided. We now also put this same high technology to work in designing all aspects of our products. Our high-voltage power supplies ensure highly reliable performance not only in photomultiplier tube applications but also in a wide range of other applications including mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, and electrostatic chucks.

Stability after one-hour warmup

Ripple noise comparison


Wide line-up including custom products

Hamamatsu Photonics offers a wide product line-up ranging from bench-top models to small units that are directly mountable on PC boards. By utilizing our massive experience and achievements gained with power supplies optimized for photomultiplier tube operation, we provide customized high-voltage power supply modules that meet a wide range of user needs for specifications such as number of output channels, input/output voltage and current, operating conditions and profiles, etc. We also support a diverse range of safety standards so please free to contact us for assistance.

Customization examples

  • Multi-channel output: Positive/negative output, low/medium to high voltage, various output ranges
  • High-speed response: High slew rate of 1000 V/50 μs
  • Communication control: PC control via RS-485 etc.
  • Logarithmic output: Wide range output from 0 V to 10,000 V with high resolution
  • Operating ambient temperature: Wide temperature range from -40 °C to +200 °C
  • Safety standards such as UL

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