Quantaurus-Tau Fluorescence lifetime spectrometer


The Quantaurus-Tau is a compact system for measuring fluorescence lifetimes in the sub-nanosecond to millisecond range. Operation is simple, just set the sample into the sample chamber, and enter a few conditions on the measurement software to measure the fluorescence lifetime and PL spectrum in a short time with high precision. In a typical measurement, analysis results are obtained in a mere 60 seconds.

The C16361-01 is standard model. (Sample: Solid (Thin-film・Powder), Wavelength range: 300 nm to 800 nm).


Type number C16361-01
Sample Solid (Thin-film, Powder)
Detector type Standard
Wavelength range 300 nm to 800 nm
Excitation light source Seven types of LED light source (280 nm, 340 nm, 365 nm, 405 nm, 470 nm, 590 nm, 630 nm)
Excitation light source switching Software control
Monochromator Czerny-Turner monochromator
Measurement time range 4 ns to 10 s / full scale
Phosphorescence measurement Phosphorescence excitation wavelength (280 nm, 340 nm, 365 nm, 405 nm, 442 nm, 470 nm, 589 nm, 632 nm, 1000 nm)
Time axis channel 512 ch, 1024 ch, 2048 ch, 4096 ch
Total time resolution < 1.0 ns FWHM (IRF with 590 nm LED)
Analysis function Fluorescence lifetime analysis (up to five components by exponential function fitting) and spectrum analysis
Supported OS Windows 11 Pro


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