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About the maintenance | Failure analysis system

By default, Hamamatsu will guarantee maintenance of our systems for a period of 7 years after delivery. Due to circumstances out of our control, the maintenance period may shorter, such as cases where critical components have been discontinued in the market. Hamamatsu strives to continue providing system maintenance even after the initial 7 year period and to provide 1 year notice before discontinuing support.

About the maintenance

Maintenance stop products

Category Product number Product name Stop date
Optical stage C4333-04 Optical Stage for μAMOS-200, PHEMOS-200 2009/09/30
C4333-06 Optical Stage for PHEMOS-1000, μAMOS-200 2021/06/30
C4333-07 Optical Stage for PHEMOS-1000, μAMOS-200 2021/06/30
C4333-09 Optical Stage for PHEMOS-2000 2016/10/30
C4333-10 Optical Stage for PHEMOS-1000 2021/06/30
C4333-11 THEMOS-1000 2021/06/30
C4333-12 Optical system 2022/03/31
C10433-01 Inverted optics for iPHEMOS-TD 2022/05/31
C10433-02 Inverted optics for iPHEMOS-TP 2019/10/31
C10433-06 Optics for TriPHEMOS 2024/09/30
C10506-03 iPHEMOS-SD Inverted emission microscope 2016/08/31
C10614 THEMOS mini Thermal emission microscope 2022/07/30
C10614-01 THEMOS mini Thermal emission microscope 2022/07/30
C10614-02 THEMOS mini Thermal emission microscope 2023/09/30
C10614-03 THEMOS mini Thermal emission microscope 2024/05/31
Laser scanner C8170-11 Laser scan system 2015/03/31
C8170-12 Laser scan system 2015/03/31
C10656-01 Laser scan system 2020/09/30
C10656-02 Laser scan system 2023/10/30
C10656-11 Laser scan system 2024/05/31
Light source C9215-05 1.1um LD pulse laser  2020/03/31
C9215-02 1.1um  laser 800mW 2006/11/30
C8430-01 1.3um YLF laser 2010/11/30
C8430-02 1.3um YAG Laser 2010/11/30
C7638-02 Laser  marker unit 2016/10/31
C13193-01 High power Incoherent Light source for EOP/EOFM 2023/09/30
Detector C8250-01 MCT camera 2012/03/31
C8250-11 InGaAs camera 2012/05/30
C8250-13 InGaAs camera 2012/09/30
C8250-21 InGaAs camera LN2 cooling for P-1K, T-1K 2024/07/31
C8250-23 InGaAs camera 2022/02/28
C8250-25 InGaAs camera LN2 cooling for iPHEMOS 2022/01/31
C8250-26 InGaAs camera Peltier cooling 2022/02/28
C4880-59 Cooled CCD camera 2016/02/28
C9985-02 Thermal Camera 320x 256 2018/12/31
C9985-04 InSbHR camera 2021/12/31
Optionals C7636-01 OBIRCH amp 2019/02/28
C7636-03 OBIRCH amp 2019/02/28
C7636-04 OBIRCH amp 2020/01/31
C7636-05 OBIRCH amp 2021/07/31
A9188-01 Lock-in unit 2019/10/31
A9771-01 DA function kit 2018/09/30
A9771-02 DALS unit 2018/09/30
A9771-05 DA function kit 2024/08/31
C10565-01 Thermal lock-in unit power supply 2021/07/31
C10565-11 Thermal lock-in unit 2022/02/28
C12323-01 EO probing unit 2024/07/31
C12323-11 EO probing unit 2024/07/31
Lens C9710-01 NanoLens system (NA2.5) 2016/07/31
C9710-03 NanoLens system (NA2.5) 2017/02/29
C9710-04 Nanolens system 2019/03/31
C9710-05 Nanolens system 2019/06/30
C9710-06 Thermal NanoLens system for 5 lens turret 2023/02/28
C9710-07 Thermal NanoLens system for 10 lens turret 2023/02/28
C9710-08 NanoLens-SHR system for 5 lens turret 2023/09/30
C9710-09 NanoLens-SHR system for 10 lens turret 2023/09/30
C9710-11 NanoLens-HR system for 5 lens turret 2022/08/31
A12913-02 NanoLens-SHR 2023/09/30
A12913-06 Objective lens NanoLens-SHR 2023/08/31
A10159-04 Objective lens MWIR 15× 2023/11/30
A10159-05 Objective lens MWIR 30× 2022/03/31
A10159-07 Macro lens MWIR 0.24x for THEMOS mini 2024/02/29

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