Event Name 2023 IEEE NSS MIC RTSD
Dates November 7, 2023 - November 9, 2023
Venue Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, BC | Booth #24/25
Official site 2023 IEEE NSS MIC RTSD

Discover groundbreaking solutions tailored to the radiation detection and medical imaging industry at booth #24/25 during the IEEE NSS MIC RTSD Conference! Engage with our cutting-edge technologies, including large area and fast time response PMTs, tileable MPPCs and MPPC arrays, and VUV MPPC for cryogenic applications. Our experts will be delighted to showcase how our innovations can revolutionize your instruments and help you discover new science.

Featured products:


Our MPPC array offers cutting-edge photodetection technology, combining high sensitivity with an array format to provide unmatched precision and performance. With exceptional signal-to-noise ratios, rapid response times, and low dark noise, our MPPC array is the ideal solution for applications demanding ultra-sensitive photon counting and low-light-level measurements.

X-ray photon counting module C15648-1025YA-01

X-ray photon counting module C15648-1025YA-01

This module is an indirect conversion type X-ray / gamma ray photon counting detector. The X-ray / gamma ray photon is converted to the optical photon in the scintillator, and scintillation photons are detected in the MPPC (SiPM).  Energy binning is achieved by sorting the MPPC output pulses using a comparator with three energy thresholds.

Silicon strip detector S15568-02

Silicon strip detector S15568-02

One of the silicon strip detectors for the ATLAS upgrade will be on display at our booth.  This silicon strip detector is one of 8 sensors for the ATLAS Barrel and Endcap detectors.

PET module C13500-4075YC-12

PET module C13500-4075YC-12

These modules are installed in a PET device and integrate a MPPC, scintillator, and ASIC board.


Features include:

  1. Excellent time resolution:  210 ps
  2. Outputs energy information of all channels
  3. Customizable for OEM


The R12699-406-M4 is a multianode PMT for high precision measurements.  With less than 1% crosstalk between channels, low temperature operation down to -100 C, and low radioactivity, it delivers reliable measurements for dark matter detection and nuclear medicine applications.


The R14688-100 builds upon Hamamatsu's experience with 8" PMTs by delivering an improved PMT offering half the transit time spread with the same size, photocathode sensitivity, and dark noise of the previous design.


Experience unparalleled sensitivity and precision with the R15608 photomultiplier tube. Our state-of-the-art technology delivers exceptional low-light detection capabilities, making it the ideal choice for applications in scientific research, medical diagnostics, and industrial instrumentation. With its reliable performance, wide spectral range, and robust design, the R15608 ensures accurate measurements and consistent results, empowering you to advance your research and innovation with confidence.

1 inch PMT R16768-100

Under development - 1 inch photomultiplier tube -R16768-100

R16768-100 is a new 1 inch PMT in development, designed to deliver an improved transit time spread of 70ps and 3 times higher gain, compared to the current generation fast response 1 inch PMT.