Selection guides

Our selection guides are designed for you to find and choose the most suitable solution for your application.


Hamamatsu Photonics has an extensive portfolio with many variations and features. These guides are here to help you easily navigate through the range of options made available to you. Our list of selection guides currently includes: CCD/CMOS image sensors, infrared detectors, InGaAs image sensors, LED, mini-spectrometers, Si APD, and Si photodiodes.

CCD/CMOS image sensors

Hamamatsu Photonics offers a wide lineup of image sensors for different wavelengths and applications. The CCD image sensors realize high-quantum efficiency in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared regions. The CMOS image sensors realize are low priced, low-power consumption, and compact in size.

Infrared detectors

Infrared detectors are widely used in many the fields including measurement, analysis, industry, communications, agriculture, medicine, physical-and-chemical science, astronomy, and aerospace. Based on our long experience in optical technology, Hamamatsu provides a wide lineup of products for the infrared region.

InGaAs image sensors

We offer a wide range of products that adopt a hybrid structure of an InGaAs array with different wavelength ranges, pixel sizes, and numbers of pixels, together with high-performance CMOS readout circuit (ROIC).


Hamamatsu provides various LEDs from red to mid-infrared range, which are mainly used in combination with a photosensor. By using crystal growth technology and process technology for a variety of compound semiconductor materials, we have a product lineup for a variety of wavelengths. We also achieve high quality and high reliability through strictly controlled assembly and inspection processes.


Mini-spectrometers are small spectrometers (polychromators) with an integrated optical system, image sensor, and driver circuit. They are portable devices that make them possible to do real-time measurement on-site. We have more than 20 different mini-spectrometers for the ultraviolet to near infrared regions.


The APD is a high-speed, high-sensitivity photodiode that internally multiplies photocurrent when reverse voltage is applied. The APD, having a signal multiplication function inside its element, achieves higher S/N than the PIN photodiode and can be used in a wide range of applications such as high-accuracy optical rangefinders and low-level light detection with a scintillator. 

Si photodiodes

Hamamatsu's Si photodiodes are used in a wide range of applications including medical, analytical, scientific measurements, optical communications, LiDAR, and general electronic products. These photodiodes are available in various packages such as metal, ceramic, and plastic packages, as well as in surface mount types. We also offer custom-designed devices.