Industrial equipment industrial equipment

Industrial equipment

Light is essential in modern industry for quality and safety

While recent years have seen tougher demands for industrial product quality, there also seems to be no letup in the pace of technical advances to streamline and speed up production processes. To assist industrial production on this path of constant improvement, Hamamatsu offers a wide range of optoelectronic devices that help optimize production processes or ensure product quality.

Light-based tools for industrial equipment

From barcode scanners to sensors in production lines to printing presses, our products contribute in various ways to assist manufacturing processes. For example, our image sensors are ideal for barcode readers while our optical sensors and light sources are suitable components in optical encoders and optical switches. In addition, we offer several product lines suitable for various tasks in printing equipment, such as curing UV inks, preparing surfaces for special treatment, and removing static electricity during the printing process.


For improving production processes, we offer optoelectronic components, such as light sources and optical sensors, for integration into optical encoders, optical switches, and other tools that use light to complete tasks along a production line. See below for some examples:

optical encoding with photodiodes

Optical encoding with photodiodes

Our photodetectors for optical encoding feature high sensitivity, low noise and high reliability, with a wide variety of mounting solutions -- in fact, they can also be customized.

optical encoding with LEDs

Optical encoding with LEDs

Our LEDs provide collimated light suitable for high-accuracy encoders.

optical encoding with photo ICs

Optical encoding with photo ICs

Customization of photo ICs according to the encoder specifications is available.

barcode scanning

Barcode scanning

CMOS linear image sensors capture patterns for barcode readers.

printing processes

Printing processes

Our optical technologies provide solutions for a wide variety of printing applications.

optical switch

Optical switching

Used in industrial applications, optical switching detects the presence of objects through the use of LEDs, photodiodes and photo ICs.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

Photonic technologies play an important role in the development and operation of AGVs, enabling them to navigate their environment, communicate with other systems, and transport materials safely and efficiently.

Research and development - laser technology

We are working on multifaceted developments of laser technologies, such as laser processing and also have photonic components for manufacturing support systems.

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