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AGV (automatic guided vehicle)

AGV (automatic guided vehicle) can also refer to AMR (autonomous mobile robot). 

Magnetic guide tapes were used in the past, but now people use LiDAR technology. LiDAR technology is a combination of lasers, optical sensors, MEMS mirrors, and other devices to measure the surrounding distance.

Typical LiDAR concepts are:

  • Mechanical rotational LiDAR
  • MEMS-based LiDAR
  • Optical-based LiDAR
  • Flash LiDAR

For customers who are developing the above LiDAR concepts for the AGVs, Hamamatsu provides a variety of optical solutions—including light detectors, light emitters, and light scanning devices—that can be used for AGVs.


Recommended products

Hamamatsu has developed a variety of photosensors and light emitters, which can be used for distance measurement, including in AGVs.

Light emitters

These feature a high peak output and pulsed emission.


Si PIN photodiodes featuring high-speed response.

Si APDs suitable for detecting light in the 700/800/900 nm band.

These compact devices integrate optical sensors, such as photodiodes and APDs, with a front-end IC.

This photon counting device offers high photon detection efficiency in the near-infrared range.

Sensors that measure the distance to the target object using the TOF (time of flight) method.

Inexpensive, compact, and thin linear image sensor for the triangulation method.

These sensors detect the incident position of light for the triangulation method.

Optical components

These electromagnetic MEMS mirrors are used for laser scanning.

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