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Light & radiation sources

Our LEDs range from red to mid-infrared, a variety of wavelengths enabled by crystal growth and process technology that supports compound semiconductor materials.

Our lamps deliver high stability and long lifetimes. Light measurement technology is utilized in many applications including chemical analysis, medical diagnostic testing, environmental monitoring, and academic research fields.

Our lamp modules and lamp units are assembled with a matching power supply and other functions making them suitable for a wide range of user applications.

UV-LED light sources are high output and adopting proprietary air-cooling method. It is appropriate for UV printing, UV bonding, UV coating and other a lot of applications. Choosing best product is available from irradiation area, wavelength, output power and so on.

Excimer lamp light sources contribute to surface modification, dry cleaning, oxidative decomposition, TOC measurement, and VOC decomposition. The optimum product can be selected based on the product size and irradiation area.

Microfocus X-ray sources specifically developed for 2D and 3D nondestructive testing. A small focal point prevents blurring of x-ray images and delivers a sharp, enlarged image.

The high-stability soft X-ray source assembled with a power supply in a compact module.

Energetiq’s Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ technology has excellent spatial stability, and stable repeatable power output.

The Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source (LDTLS™) is a compact, fully integrated and highly stable tunable broadband light source based on proven Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) technology.

The Laser-Driven Light Sources or LDLS is an innovative light source developed by Energetiq Technology inc. in the US, which is a subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. LDLS is the only light source in the world that utilizes a focused laser beam to generate and maintain plasma between the discharge electrodes in the xenon gas filled bulb.

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