manufacturing process support system manufacturing process support system

Manufacturing support systems

Noncontact high precision thickness measurement systems utilizing laser interferometry and spectrum interferometry.

Our high-speed, high-accuracy optical pinhole inspection units are ideal tools to meet a growing demand for the reliable detection of hard-to-find micro pinholes.

UV-LED light sources are high output and adopting proprietary air-cooling method. It is appropriate for UV printing, UV bonding, UV coating and other a lot of applications. Choosing best product is available from irradiation area, wavelength, output power and so on.

Use of a flat long lamp and RF (radio frequency) discharge delivers stable output with uniform irradiation over a large area and less flickering. The EX-400 ensures highly accurate, high quality modification, cleaning, and bonding compared to corona discharge method, plasma method, and even other excimer lamps.

Photoionization is a clean technique to neutralize electrostatic charges by using light to directly ionize atoms and molecules in the air or in a vacuum. This method is efficient and effective even with objects or environments where electrostatic charges have proven difficult to remove by conventional methods.

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