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Infrared measurement

Measurement can generally be defined as the process of quantifying physical characteristics, phenomena, or events. The ability to measure characteristics is fundamental to engineering, science, design, manufacturing, construction, process control, and a myriad of other applications. Utilizing infrared light to measure characteristics opens up a world of possibilities because this section of the electromagnetic spectrum is very helpful in measuring temperature, distance, molecular vibrational states, and gas concentrations. For example, in gas measurement, the infrared region is often referred to as the “fingerprint region” because gases have a unique signature in this region.


Hamamatsu offers a wide variety of infrared products designed to achieve the performance required for applications such as gas analysis, range finding, spectroscopy, as well as many others. Our detectors and light sources are designed to work with and without cooling, and they come in package options such as surface mount and metal can with a bandpass filter. Hamamatsu is constantly pushing the envelope designing new infrared products such as back-illuminated detectors, type 2 superlattice detectors, and complete solutions. 

 Gas Analysis

Gas analysis using infrared (IR) detectors

IR detectors for portable instruments as well as high-performance analytical equipment.

Gas analysis using IR light sources

Gas analysis using infrared (IR) light sources

Choices ranging from specialized semiconductor lasers to surface-mount LEDs.

Laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder

A fast way to answer “How far?”

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