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Industrial X-ray NDT inspection

High-precision X-ray sources and detectors for the most
demanding inspection applications.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Factories and research labs are faced with ever stricter demands for quality and safety in all types of food and industrial products.  They are finding that non-contact, non-destructive X-ray inspection is extremely effective in upgrading quality and safety, since it detects tiny product structural flaws and foreign object contamination - with no product damage whatsoever.


Hamamatsu offers a full line of high-precision X-ray sources and detectors for X-ray inspection of electronic components and industrial products; as well as for a wide range of applications, such as automotive inspection, aerospace / space, 3D metal printing and industrial CT.  We also offer low energy X-ray sources to meet needs in food processing and packaging.  See our X-ray Non-destructive inspection products brochure for our complete product line.

Food inspection x-ray

Food inspection

High-speed, high-resolution X-ray line scan cameras for food inspection

Industrial CT

Industrial computed tomography (CT)

Microfocus X-ray sources and X-ray line scan cameras for industrial computed tomography

Electronics X-ray

Electronics inspection

Microfocus X-ray sources, TDI cameras, and X-ray line scan cameras for electronic inspection

Tire x-ray

Wheel and tire inspection

Rugged X-ray line scan cameras for wheel and tire inspection

Latest X-ray technologies for growing X-ray inspection applications

New X-ray products from Hamamatsu are helping OEM and system integrators advance the detectability and measurement of defects and contaminants at unprecedented speed, resolution, and power. Microfocus X-ray source tubes with integrated high voltage power supplies for both open and sealed types are now available at resolutions down to less than 1 micron and up to 300kV. Our newest X-ray line scan cameras (linear detector arrays) combine high speed (up to 200 m/min) and high resolution (down to 48 microns). They are available in several types—line-scan, TDI (time delay integration), and dual energy—packaged in robust enclosures and ready for integration into production lines.

Demonstrations for X-ray non-destructive inspection

High energy X-ray vault.

Middlesex demo unit

3D CT stage capability with Microfocus to 300kV.

Middlesex demo unit

2D in-line inspection.

We provide demo capabilities using various X-ray sources, sensors, and cameras as a preliminary evaluation for X-ray non-destructive inspection requests from our customers.


Based on our experience accumulated over many years in the X-ray business, we not only introduce the most suitable devices, but also propose the best solutions, including useful tips and advice. 

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