Pittcon Conference & Expo 2024


Event Name Pittcon Conference and Exhibition
Dates February 24-28, 2024
Venue San Diego Convention Center | Booth #1204
Official site Pittcon Conference and Exposition

Hamamatsu invites you to visit our booth 1204 at Pittcon 2024, where innovation meets illumination. Experience firsthand the transformative power of our photonics, imaging, and spectroscopy solutions for applications such as bioanalytic & life sciences, environmental and energy, and pharmaceutical and biology. We will be featuring two demonstrations on compact UV water analysis and non-destructive pharmaceutical analysis. Together, let's light up the path to a brighter, more insightful future.

Illuminating the possibilities


At Pittcon 2024, Hamamatsu is proud to showcase a range of light sources and detectors, designed to empower researchers with unparalleled precision and reliability. Our innovative products are at the forefront of scientific illumination, enabling advancements in various fields such as spectroscopy, imaging, and photonics.

  • Cutting-edge photonics: Explore our latest advancements in photonics technology, designed to revolutionize your experiments and enhance precision across various scientific disciplines.
  • Revolutionary imaging solutions: Immerse yourself in the world of high-performance imaging solutions. Witness the clarity, speed, and reliability that define Hamamatsu's imaging technologies, tailored to meet the demands of modern research.

  • Innovations in spectroscopy: Dive into the future of spectroscopy with Hamamatsu's state-of-the-art solutions. Elevate your analytical capabilities and achieve unparalleled results in your spectroscopic studies.

  • Collaboration and customization: Discover how Hamamatsu collaborates with researchers and industries worldwide to tailor solutions that address unique challenges. Our commitment to customization ensures that your specific needs are met with precision.

Featured products:

Our light and radiation sources can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration into your experiments and projects.

Light sources LEDs

Our LEDs are distinguished by their unparalleled wavelength precision, ensuring exacting illumination for applications in spectroscopy, microscopy, and diverse scientific disciplines. 

Our quantum cascade lasers, with exceptional precision, customizable wavelengths, and cutting-edge technology, unlock new frontiers in spectroscopy, redefining possibilities in scientific research.

Discover unmatched sensitivity in infrared detection through our detector modules, where precision seamlessly merges with convenience, featuring integrated preamplifiers, revolutionizing the landscape of spectroscopy and analytical instrumentation.

Capture the unseen and elevate your research with our scientific cameras, delivering high-performance imaging, unparalleled sensitivity, and cutting-edge technology to redefine clarity and drive scientific breakthroughs.

Experience precision in the palm of your hand with our mini-spectrometers, as these compact, powerful, and customizable devices redefine on-the-go analysis for researchers across diverse fields.

Unleash the power of detection with our MPPCs (SiPMs) / SPADs, elevating sensitivity and speed in photon counting applications, ensuring precision in every pulse and shaping the future of advanced research.

Illuminate your experiments and forge the path to scientific excellence with our photomultipliers (PMTs), offering unrivaled sensitivity and reliability for precise photon detection and empowering researchers with every photon.

Opal-Luxe C16736-01

Photonics100 honoree Kenichi Otsuka has developed the OPAL-Luxe, a highly sensitive and accurate spectrometer that simultaneously reveals hidden spectral details of both low and high intensities, utilizing a unique combination of sensors and optics for efficient and rapid spectral measurements.