3D TOF sensors contribute to touchless machinery operation and labor-saving autonomous robots

Distance image sensors S15452/S15453/S15454-01WT

Touchless operation of machinery for hygiene management, measurement tools for ensuring social distance, and labor-saving autonomous robots are becoming more common in everyday life. This trend has attracted attention to the sensor technology that makes such technologies possible.

The distance image sensor is designed to measure the distance to an object by an indirect TOF (time-of-flight) method. It can be used for people/object detection and shape recognition in various situations requiring touchless (non-contact) or labor-saving technology.

We have recently added three back-thinned sensors (64 pixels, 256 pixels, and 96 × 72 pixels) to our lineup.

We plan to further expand our sensor lineup and release module products that integrate a light source (pulsed laser diode), optical system, and integrated circuits (ASIC).

[Front] S15452-01WT, S15453-01WT, S15454-01W
[Back] Distance image sensor module (under development)

Main features

1) Three different pixel configurations released (64 pixels, 256 pixels, and 96 × 72 pixels)

2) High sensitivity in the near-infrared region

3) Improved tolerance to background light (compared to conventional products)

4) Compact wafer level package (WLP) type

Application examples

Obstacle detection

obstacle detection

Shape recognition

shape recognition

Touchless interface

touchless interface

Motion capture

motion capture

Related videos

You can find videos of applications using distance image sensors, such as obstacle detection, shape recognition, and gesture detection.


Type no. NEW S15452-01WT NEW S15453-01WT NEW S15454-01WT




Linear image sensor
Area image sensor
Number of effective pixels (pixels) 64 × 1 256 × 1 96 × 72
Pixel pitch (μm) 20 20 50
Image size (mm) 1.28 × 0.05 5.12 × 0.05 4.80 × 3.60
Spectral response range (nm)
Peak sensitivity wavelength (nm)

Module product / Custom product

We are planning to commercialize a distance image sensor module with a built-in back-thinned distance image sensor.

We can also provide custom products that meet customers’ requests. We accept a wide range of requests, from changes to the specifications of standard products to entirely new designs.

In addition to our own light transmitting and receiving devices, we possess various technologies including optical design, circuit design, assembly, software, and more. By combining these technologies, we can offer modules that maximize device performance.


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