X-ray image intensifier camera unit


Camera units C7336-06 consist of a high resolution, high contrast 4-inch X-ray image intensifier (X-ray I.I.) and a 2.35 mega-pixel CMOS image sensor. The X-ray I.I. has an input window made of thin aluminum which is excellent in X-ray transmission and causes less scattering of X-rays. These features allow real-time detection at X-ray energy levels from about 20 keV.


I.I. Size 4 inch
Type General
Input Window Material Alminum
Input Window Thickness 0.5 mm
Input Phosphor CsI
Output Phosphor P43
Imaging Area H x V (on Input Surface) (Typ.) 75 x 48 mm
Resolution (on Input Surface) (Typ.) 80 Lp/cm
[CCD] Chip CMOS image sensor
[CCD] Output Signal Mini CameraLink connector x 2 bus
Input Voltage AC 100 V to 240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Power Consumption (Max.) 10 VA
Weight (Head) Approx. 8.0 kg
Weight (Controller and DC Power Supply) Approx. 0.5 kg

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