External quantum efficiency measurement system


Light emitting materials are characterized by their fluorescence quantum yield. For light emitting devices like organic and inorganic LEDs the respective physical value is the external quantum efficiency, measured usually by electroluminescence (EL) method. For this application the external quantum efficiency measurement system C9920-12 is designed.


Type number C9920-12
Integrating sphere 3.3 inch inside diameter, reflective material: Spectralon
Detector BT-CCD
Device Cooling temperature -15 ℃
Number of photosensitive device channels 1024 ch
Wavelength measurement range

200 nm to 950 nm (for spectrum display range)

380 nm to 780 nm (for color measurement and luminous flux caculation range)

Fiber length 1.5 m
Range of measurement for luminous flux 0.00013 lm to 0.12 lm (with an emission area 2 mm square and white light)

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