Global Strategic Challenge Center (GSCC)

What is Needed "Now" for Sustainable Growth

The Global Strategic Challenge Center (GSCC) takes on five to ten year strategic initiatives that can achieve sustainable growth for Hamamatsu. Since our founding we have kept our original pioneering startup spirit and drive to explore the unknown with the aim of developing new photonic technologies that can help solve some of society’s needs. This approach benefits society and Hamamatsu’s long-term business.

An unprecedented approach to expanding photonic applications

The photonics industry has an inverted pyramid structure with foundational technologies at the lower apex. These foundational technologies support the development of more complex systems leading to new business domains. Like a traditional Japanese sensu that can be expanded, GSCC expands the inverted pyramid by creating new photonic applications to accomplish its mission of sustained growth and improving society.

The core functions that make up GSCC are its “internal ventures” and corporate venture capital. Internal ventures allow new ideas to flourish unrestrained by existing business frameworks and the corporate venture office invests in the most innovative photonic startups around the world. In addition, GSCC also actively partners with universities and research institutes accelerate innovation.

Whether it is an internal venture, startup investment or university collaboration, GSCC does more than just invest money. We provide technical assistance and business mentoring to maximize the chances of success.

Main functions

We invest in startups that are creating the next generation of photonic technologies.