Solid State Division

Toward the possibilities of the new technology of light

Getting a grasp on what lies one step ahead for our world.
Pushing the limits of our unique opto-semiconductor technology to meet advanced user needs.

The Solid State Division has explored physical properties that determine opto-semiconductor performance since the early days in this field and succeeded in creating a variety of product lineups. Our opto-semiconductor products incorporate unique semiconductor process technology, mounting & packaging technology, and MEMS technology, and cover a wide wavelength range from infrared, visible, ultraviolet, all the way to X-rays and high energy rays. They are used in wide-ranging fields including medical care, scientific measurement, communications, consumer electronics, and vehicle on-board electronics. We will continue to pursue opto-semiconductor technology, always staying one step ahead, to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the future.


Opto-semiconductor devices for driving support systems

Advanced driving support functions for cars are evolving at an ever more rapid pace. These include interfaces for reliably checking information essential for driving and systems for detecting possible hazards in advance. Our Solid State Division is actively working to commercialize opto-semiconductor devices (Si APD, MPPC, distance image sensor, etc.) for detecting vehicle periphery information which plays a vital role in making these on-board vehicle functions work effectively.