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Si photodiodes

Silicon photodiodes with high sensitivity and low dark current, as well as silicon PIN photodiodes suitable for high-speed applications.


InGaAs photodiodes

InGaAs photodiodes for near-infrared light detection. Features include high speed, high sensitivity, low noise, and spectral responses ranging from 0.5 μm to 2.6 μm. Suitable for a wide range of applications including optical communication, analysis, and measurement.



Silicon APDs provide high sensitivity ranging from UV to NIR for low light detection at high speeds.


MPPCs (Multi-Pixel Photon Counters)

Solid state photodetectors used for photon counting and other ultra-low-light applications. MPPCs are comprised of a high-density matrix of avalanche photodiodes which, when operated in Geiger mode, generates the high internal gain that enables single photon detection. These devices also offer high photon detection efficiency, excellent timing resolution, low bias voltage operation, ruggedness, resistance to excess light, and immunity to magnetic fields.


Image sensors

We offer over 200 standard linear and area image sensors covering a broad spectral response range from near-infrared to X-ray wavelength regions. These sensors feature high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. We also provide supporting electronics such as easy-to-use driver circuits for sensor evaluation and driver modules for OEMs. Our devices are suitable for spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, scientific measurement, and industrial applications. Customizations are available for specific applications and requirements.


Photo IC

The photo IC is an intelligent optical sensor with diverse functions and integrates a photodiode with signal processing IC in the same package.


Infrared detectors

Sensors and modules for infrared light detection.


Color sensors

Devices sensitive in the red, green, and blue spectral regions.


Position-sensitive detectors (PSDs)

PSDs are optoelectronic position sensors that utilize photodiode surface resistance. Unlike discrete element detectors such as CCDs, PSDs provide continuous position data, high position resolution, and high-speed response.


X-ray flat panel sensors

X-ray flat panel sensors that combine a large-area CMOS image sensor and a fiber optic plate with scintillator (FOS). Can acquire high-definition, megapixel-level digital video and still images without distortion. With its thin profile and light weight, a flat panel sensor is easy to install into other equipment.