UV-LED light source (Spot irradiation) UV-LED light source (Spot irradiation)

Product lineup | LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L1V5: UV-LED spot light sources

Compact body enables installation into narrow space.

We came up with a unit that drives 4 heads but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Unit can also be freely placed vertical or horizontal in just a tiny space, so it needs no special layout.

Product lineup


Spectral distribution (Typ.)

Irradiation beam shape

Standard type

Right-angle type

This LED head unit can be mounted in tight spaces, increasing installation flexibility.

This type provides a longer focal length than the mid focal length type.

Linear beam type

Emits an elliptical light beam that irradiates a wide area, making it ideal for irradiating odd-shaped workpieces and multiple locations.

This type emits a narrower light beam with higher intensity than the wide range type.

NOTE: The center of the external dimensions of the LED head unit may not coincide with the center of the irradiated light. Adjust the installation position as needed.

    The shape of the irradiated light varies depending on the irradiation distance, for example, becomes close to a square.

    There are individual differences in the irradiance distribution between LED head units due to variations in the emission intensity of LED elements.

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