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Digital CMOS board level camera



The core of the C13752-50U camera is the scientific image sensor, an advanced CMOS detector that simultaneously achieves high resolution, fast readout speeds and low noise. With its small size, board-level design and simple, low-cost integration using USB 3.0, the C13752-50U is the ideal camera for OEM scientific imaging.
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  • Resolution: 3.0 megapixels (2048 × 1544)
  • Readout noise: 2.3 electrons (typ.)
  • Frame rate: 65 frames/s (Full resolution)
  • Global shutter
  • High sensitive in near infrared range


  • Fluorescence imaging
  • DNA sequencing
  • CTC detection
  • X-ray I.I. readout
  • X-ray CT


Type number C13752-50U
Imaging device CMOS image sensor
Effective no. of pixels 2048 (H) × 1544 (V)
Cell size 3.45 μm (H) × 3.45 μm (V)
Effective area 7.06 mm (H) × 5.32 mm (V)
Full well capacity 10 500 electrons (typ.)
Readout speed 65 frames/s (Full resolution)
206 frames/s (2×2 Binning)
3981 frames/s (2×2 Binning, 4 Line Sub-array)
Readout noise 2.3 electrons (rms) typ.
Exposure time 19.70 μs to 1 s (Internal mode)
19.70 μs to 1 s (External trigger mode: Edge trigger, Start trigger)
1 ms to 1 s (External trigger mode: Level trigger, Synchronous readout trigger)
Dynamic range 4565 : 1 typ.*1
Analog gain 1× to 15.8× (240 steps)
Sub-array Yes
Binning 2 × 2 *2
External trigger mode Edge trigger, Level trigger Synchronous readout trigger, Start trigger
Trigger delay function 0 s to 10 s in 1 μs steps
Trigger output Programmable timing output Trigger ready output Global exposure timing output Low output, High output
Interface USB 3.0
Connector USB 3.0 microB type
A/D converter 12 bit
Lens mount C-mount
Power supply Bus Power/DC+8 V to DC+30 V
Ambient operating temperature 0 ˚C to + 40 ˚C
Ambient storage temperature - 10 ˚C to + 50 ˚C
Ambient operating humidity 30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)
Ambient storage humidity 90 % max. (with no condensation)
*1: Calculated from the ratio of the full well capacity and the readout noise.
*2: Digital binning processing in the camera.

Spectral response

c13752-50u spectral response


c13752-50u dimensional outline

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