Instrument calibration Instrument calibration

Instrument calibration

Instrument calibration

Calibration of optical components is the process of correcting or accounting for defects intrinsic to the telescope instrument, caused by a variety of factors such as temperature change, mechanical misalignment or electrical noise for example. Cameras, spectrographs and optical components must be calibrated in order for telescope systems to accurately reflect the measured phenomena.


The calibration method and requirements vary depending on the design of the optical telescope; however, in general, a test light source with known output is needed to calibrate the response of the system. The Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS) offers a few key advantages as a test source for this application.

  • High spectral radiance
  • Broadband wavelength range
  • Relatively flat response
  • Long lifetime over 9,000 hours
  • High spatial stability of small plasma

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