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Hamamatsu joins the Chicago Quantum Exchange to collaborate on quantum research and technology


 A Hamamatsu Photonics scientist tests optical equipment in the company’s Central Research laboratory.

Hamamatsu has joined the Chicago Quantum Exchange, a growing intellectual hub for the research and development of quantum technology, as one of its six new partners in technology, finance, manufacturing, and consulting that are working to bring about and primed to take advantage of the coming quantum revolution. Also joining with us are Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), Protiviti, Quantum Machines, and The Chicago Quantum Exchange has also partnered with P33, a private sector led non-profit dedicated to driving innovation leadership for the Chicago region.Chicago Quantum Exchange members and corporate partners engage in collaborative research efforts, joint workshops to develop new research directions, and opportunities to train future quantum engineers.

The Chicago Quantum Exchange and its partners advance the science and engineering necessary to build and scale quantum technologies, develop practical applications, and work with others to explore these possibilities. The results of these technologies – precision data from quantum sensors, advanced quantum computers and their algorithms, and securely transmitted information – will transform today’s leading industries.

In addition, we will be collaborating with other existing partners such as Boeing; IBM; Applied Materials, Inc.; Cold Quanta; HRL Laboratories, LLC; Intel; JPMorgan Chase; Microsoft; Quantum Design; Quantum Opus, LLC; Qubitekk; Rigetti Computing; and Zurich Instruments.

About Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE)
The Chicago Quantum Exchange, a growing intellectual hub for the research and development of quantum technology.

CQE Contact: Rhianna Wisniewski, Email:


Hamamatsu Contact: Klea Dhimitri, Applications Engineer, E-mail: | Tel: +1-908-252-7223

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