Hamamatsu Photonics is partnering with one of the world’s largest veterinary labs to provide diagnostic support for pet healthcare with NanoZoomer whole slide scanners



Antech Diagnostics announced that its new Digital Cytology Scanner is available to veterinary practices across North America. Offering several innovative features, the new digital scanner connects veterinarians at the point of care with Antech’s diverse, highly accomplished team of board-certified pathologists.

Antech’s Digital Cytology Scanner relies on Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.’s state-of-the-art NanoZoomer Digital Slide Scanner, noted globally for its exceptionally high-quality images for pathology interpretation. Using Hamamatsu's software, pathologists can review a complete slide scan, leveraging the ability to zoom in/out and focus on regions of interest, as well as "map" areas that have been reviewed.

The significance of this development is that it connects veterinarians to a team of board-certified veterinary pathologists 24/7/365, significantly increasing the speed and accuracy at which veterinarians can deliver effective treatments to pets. We are proud to use our imaging technology to support the health of our beloved pets.


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