Pack Expo, September 27-29, 2021

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Join us at our booth #8340 to see the latest products offerings that include our NEW soft X-ray source - L11754-01, X-ray line scan camera, image sensors modules and mini-spectrometer.

Event Information

Event NamePack Expo 2021
ScheduleSeptember 27, 2021-September 29, 2021
VenueLas Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV
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C14300 product photo

X-ray line scan camera C14300-05U

The X-ray line scan camera C14300-05U can take a high-sensitivity, high-resolution transparent X-ray image of an inspected object transported on a belt conveyor or similar apparatus. Since the content of an object, which is not visible with the naked eye, can be inspected without contact or destruction, this camera is suitable for broad interior X-ray observation, enabling the detection of a foreign body mixed in food, electronic components, etc.C14300 series supports a wide usage, from a thin sample inspection to a thick sample inspection.

Image sensor modules C16090-01

The C16090 series is an image sensor module with an InGaAs area image sensor. This product consist of a driver circuit, temperature controller, and high-speed communication controller, etc. It outputs analog video signals from an InGaAs area image sensor as digital output. The driver circuit consist of an analog front end, A/D converter, and digital controller. From a PC connected via USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, various settings can be configured, images can be retrieved, and the temperature of the InGaAs area image sensor can be controlled.Features-Compact-The temperature of the InGaAs area image sensor can be controlled-C mount lens compatible-USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface

Mini-spectrometer TF series C14486GA

The mini-spectrometer TF series is a polychromator provided in a compact, thin case that houses optical elements, image sensor, and driver circuit. Spectrum data can be acquired by guiding measurement light into a mini-spectrometer through an optical fiber and transferring the measured results to a PC via the USB connection. Moreover, the trigger function that can be also used for short-tern integration enables spectroscopic measurement of pulse emissions. The product includes free evaluation software with functions for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, drawing graphs, and so on. Furthermore, the DLL function specifications are disclosed, so users can create their original measurement software programs. Features -Compact, thin case -InGaAs linear image sensor built-in -With trigger function -High throughput using quartz transmission grating -External power supply not necessary (USB bus powered) -Easy installation in devices -Stores wavelength conversion factor in internal memory