American Society for Mass Spectroscopy 2023

ASME 2023

Event Name American Society for Mass Spectroscopy 2023
Dates June 5, 2023 - June 8, 2023
Venue George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX | Booth #920
Official site ASMS

Hamamatsu is providing the standard for next-generation mass-spectroscopy with lead-free, RoHS compliant detectors. We offer a wide range of devices that are indispensable for mass spectrometers. Come stop by booth 920 to see our latest MCPs, electron multipliers, and more.

Featured products:

A lead-free channel electron multiplier designed for high pressure operation, and for portable or miniaturized mass spectrometry.

The F14845-11, named MIGHTION, is an ion detector using a combination of an MCP (microchannel plate) and AD (avalanche diode). As a hybrid detector, it has unique features such as fast time response, wide dynamic range, and a long operating lifetime.


The F14844 is an MCP assembly with a unique triode structure designed to vary the potential gradient and to suppress ion feedback noise. The F14844 is a breakthrough ion detector that allows downsizing and cost reduction of the equipment.


The C14051 series are DC stabilized high-voltage power supplies capable of outputting up to 10 kV and 0.2 mA. These supplies offer a compact size with high efficiency and high safety with various protection functions, making them ideal for integration into equipment.