AV Sensors Expo 2023


Event Name AV Sensors Expo 2023
Dates April 12, 2023 - April 13, 2023
Venue The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI | Booth #23
Official site AV Sensors Expo 2023

Hamamatsu offers a wide variety of standard or custom detectors and sources for LiDAR manufacturers that enable autonomous vehicle technology advancements. Our offering in detectors range from silicon to InGaAs, and are as simple as pin diode or APDs, to more complex detectors such as SiPM and SPAD.

Our cost-effective and high power output edge emitting lasers can be customized to fit your specific needs in either single to multi-element designs. Please speak with us about any of these detector or source selections, as well as ASIC and optic needs to complete your LiDAR designs.

Featured products:


4-stack pulsed laser diode



A new high power type PLD is now under development with a 4-stack emitting layer. It is expected to have 1.3 times higher power than conventional 3-stack products, without increasing compliance voltage. Together with its high power and unique sharp near field pattern, this PLD enables longer range distance measurement with fine spatial resolution.

Gain stabilized Si APD S16430-01CR


We developed an APD array integrated with a self-bias generator to help reduce the cost of industrial LiDAR modules.

S15008-100NT-01 2D SPAD PCI (photon counting image sensors)

S15008-100NT-01 2D SPAD PCI (photon counting image sensor)


This product can be customized as a 1D or 2D high-density array, with or without integrated ASIC solutions.  Please talk to us about your requirements.