Neuroscience 2023

Images from scientific cameras

Event Name Neuroscience 2023
Dates November 12, 2023 - November 15, 2023
Venue Walter E. Washington Center, Washington D.C. | Booth #1923
Official site Neuroscience 2023

Discover innovation at its peak with Hamamatsu at Neuroscience 2023. Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology as we curate our latest offerings. Explore our scientific cameras, kinetic plate imagers, and photomultiplier tube modules, all meticulously engineered to empower your research. With Hamamatsu, you gain access to the tools that push boundaries, redefine possibilities, and accelerate your quest for scientific excellence. Visit booth 1923 and witness firsthand how our solutions will transform your discoveries into breakthroughs.

Featured products:

Explore the frontier of imaging with our ORCA-Quest C15550-20UP qCMOS camera. Experience unparalleled sensitivity, speed, and versatility in your scientific imaging applications. Push the boundaries of low-light imaging, and elevate your research to new heights with the precision and performance of ORCA-Quest.

Accelerate your imaging with our ORCA-Fire C16240-20UP digital CMOS camera. Experience an ideal balance of speed, sensitivity, and versatility. Capture meaningful images in challenging conditions. Whether you're in life sciences, microscopy, or industrial applications, ORCA-Fire empowers your research with unmatched performance.

Revolutionize your research with our kinetic plate imagers. Unleash the power of high-throughput, precise, and versatile plate-based assays. From drug discovery to genomics, our cutting-edge technology delivers rapid, reliable, and reproducible results. Elevate your experiments, accelerate your discoveries, and stay ahead in the world of scientific innovation.

Our cutting-edge PMT with a large active area and high quantum efficiency GaAsP photocathode.  This new large area PMT unlocks unparalleled potential with its state-of-the-art FOV and acceptance angles for deep tissue, 2 or 3 photon laser scanning microscopy.

Left-H16200 | Center-H16201 | Right-H16204

Elevate your high resolution 2 photon and confocal microscopy. These compact GaAsP photocathode PMT modules offer high quantum efficiency, improving the signal-to-noise of all your applications. No need for cooling or a fan, keeping the footprint small. Plus, they are incredibly user-friendly, requiring only a low-voltage power supply to operate. Unlock the future of microscopy with ease! Available in pinout and cable output type. 

Introducing the H11460-200, our 32 channel multi-anode combined with the highest QE photocathode. Harness the power of the 32 channels for ultra high-speed frame rates or simultaneous multifluorophere spectral imaging to unlock the full potential of your microscopy applications. 

The H10682-210 takes care of all your photon counting needs. This photon counting head includes a PMT, high-speed counting circuit and a high-voltage power supply. Utilizing the increased signal-to-noise ratios from photon counting, this module provides ultra-high resolution for your confocal and two photon laser scanning microscopy. What's more, this photon counting head operates seamlessly with just a low-voltage power supply, making it both efficient and user-friendly. Utilize the H10682-210 to elevate your microscopy applications.