BPS 2024

images from scientific cameras

Event Name BPS 2024
Dates February 11, 2024 - February 13, 2024
Venue Philadelphia Convention Center, PA | Booth #400
Official site BPS 2024

Science at the edge of discovery is aspirational. It often means waiting for new tools or technologies to be developed to move forward. At Hamamatsu we make cameras for researchers. We strive to provide enabling technologies to probe the boundaries at the edge of detection and expand the frontiers of science. We are here for the dreamers and for big dreams.

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Featured products:

ORCA-Quest qCMOS camera C15550-20UP

The flagship of the Hamamatsu fleet of cameras with uniquely low noise and high sensitivity. The innovations in this qCMOS camera allows for the resolution of single photon numbers.  It’s the ultimate quantitative camera. What are your low-light challenges?

ORCA-Fire scientific camera

The emphasis of the ORCA-Fire is speed and affordability; small pixels, big benefits.  It’s made to go fast and has an amazing pixel readout rate of 1200 megapixels/sec. Check out it’s enhanced IR response! Need a large field of view for multi-wavelength imaging? Need versatile light sheet readout modes? The Fire will impress.

The ORCA-Fusion BT is performance without compromise. This camera hits an imaging sweet-spot regarding resolution, speed, and back-thinned quantitative low noise low-light performance at 60x & 100x. Our patented lighsheet readout modes meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

ORCA Fusion

The Fusion personifies robust quantitative versatility. It’s optimized for low-light performance and affordability. Imaging at 60-100x? You will be impressed.