CES 2024


Event Name CES 2024
Dates January 9, 2024 - January 12, 2024
Venue Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV | Booth LVCC, West Hall — 6310
Official site CES 2024

Hamamatsu provides photonic solutions for emerging markets such as industrial automation, LiDAR for autonomous vehicles, environmental monitoring systems, medical devices, life science instruments, and quantum technology. Visit us at booth #6310 to see what we have to offer that enables our customers and collaborators to make exciting photonic-based systems in these emerging fields.

Featured emerging markets:

Quantum technologies

Quantum computing

ORCA-Quest C15550-20UP

Hamamatsu offers a range of photonic solutions from detectors to light modulators to cameras, for the emerging quantum technologies landscape. These solutions often include, but are not limited to, quantum computation and simulation, quantum communication, and quantum sensing. Hamamatsu is excited to be part of an effort to provide key tools and solutions to propel these emerging quantum technologies forward.

LiDAR for autonomous vehicle

Hamamatsu offers a wide variety of standard or custom detectors and sources for LiDAR manufacturers that enable autonomous vehicle technology advancements. Our offering in detectors range from silicon to InGaAs, and are as simple as pin diode or APDs, to more complex detectors such as SiPM and SPAD. 

Our cost effective and high power output edge emitting lasers can be customized to fit your specific needs in either single to multi-element designs. Please speak with us about any of these detector or source selections, as well as ASIC and optic needs to complete your LiDAR designs.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a key component to fight against the different pollution challenges we are facing today. Photonic-based monitoring systems are leading the way in monitoring the source of pollutants, such as plastic recycling, gas, soil and water analysis. Hamamatsu’s components such as our new UV spectrometers, QCL (quantum cascade lasers), MIR LEDs, InAsSb and InGaAs sensors are the many products we offer that enable our customers to make these environmental monitoring solutions.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation driven by innovation in photonic and other sensor technologies are increasing the automation in food and beverage, semiconductor, battery market and much more. Hamamatsu’s image sensor, spectrometer, sources and X-ray detectors are the core components that enable the inspection and process technologies used in these markets, especially as the key enabler in many new techniques, such as hyperspectral imaging and others.

Medical and life science

Photonic technology is everywhere in the medical and life science fields, ranging from flow cytometers—powerful tools that enable medical research in immunology, virology, molecular biology, cancer biology and more—to point-of-care medical devices that are now allowing the medical analysis to be done close or near the patient, to wearable healthcare devices that can monitor someone’s health continuously and noninvasively. Hamamatsu is involved with the top medical system manufacturers and researchers around the globe, to support their efforts with highly sensitive, compact and reliable photonic components such as InGaAs detectors, spectrometers, PMTs, SiPM, scientific cameras and more.