Digital Pathology & Al Congress: USA


Event name Digital Pathology & Al Congress: USA
Dates May 7-8, 2024
Venue San Diego Marriot La Jolla, CA | Booth #25
Official site Digital Pathology & Al Congress: USA

Visit booth 25 at the LaJolla Marriott in San Diego, CA and discover how our family of robust scanners, including the S20, can transform your practice. Speak to our expert team and experience our innovative technology firsthand.

Tadashi Maruno speaks on digital pathology:

Presentation: Looking under the hood of your digital pathology system

May 7, 2024 • Day 1 Track 1 | 4:15-5:15 PM PDT

Dr. W. Dean Wallace

Join Dr. W. Dean Wallace from Keck School of Medicine of USC as he delves into the essential components of a fully digitized pathology workflow. From histology to whole slide scanners to the final pathology report, discover the complete system and key stakeholders you need to know for a seamless digital transformation. Perfect for beginners or those looking to enhance their digital pathology service!

Featured products:

NanoZoomer S360MD

The NanoZoomer S360MD is a high-throughput scanner with a 360-slide capacity. The S360MD Slide Scanner and NZViewMD Software offers pathologists a comprehensive system to view and interpret whole slide images with confidence.  

ORCA-Fire scientific camera

The NanoZoomer S20 is an ultra-fast slide scanner for high priority cases. This compact scanner offers a flexible solution that can be placed directly on a lab bench as a standalone operation or as an extension to a larger-scale digital pathology workflow.