rapid + tct

Event Name rapid + tct
Dates June 25-27, 2024
Venue Los Angeles Convention Center, CA | Booth #1010
Official site rapid + tct
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Join Hamamatsu at rapid + tct the leading event for additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology and discover our latest breakthroughs in high-resolution X-ray inspection and in-process monitoring. Explore our advanced LCOS-SLM X15213 series for precise optical phase modulation, Microfocus X-ray sources for unparalleled imaging clarity, TDI cameras designed for high-speed, high-sensitivity applications, and ORCA-Flash4.0 LT3 digital CMOS camera for enhancing imaging tasks. Experience how our innovative solutions are driving advancements and setting new standards in precision and performance across diverse applications in additive manufacturing.

Featured products:


The LCOS-SLM X1513 series delivers precision in optical phase modulation, enabling cutting-edge advancements in holography, optical trapping, and laser beam shaping with its high-resolution and rapid response capabilities, ensuring researchers and engineers achieve the utmost accuracy in their optical applications.

The Microfocus X-ray source L9181-02 offers exceptional resolution with its advanced microfocus technology, ideal for in-line parts inspection. Its compact design and reliable performance make it a cost-effective solution for cutting-edge scientific and industrial X-ray imaging applications.

The L12161-07 Microfocus X-ray source sets a new standard for high-resolution imaging, providing unparalleled clarity and precision for 3-D CT scanning of additive manufactured parts. Its robust design and efficient operation ensure long-lasting performance, making it an optimal choice for leading-edge X-ray imaging solutions.

c12300-323 product photo

This X-ray TDI camera is useful for in-line applications requiring high-speed operation, high sensitivity and high resolution (48um) with wide area. C12300-323 is compatible with tube voltages up to a maximum of 180 kV. 

Experience the ORCA-Flash4.0 LT3 digital CMOS camera C11440-42U40, specifically tailored for enhancing imaging tasks in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This camera offers exceptional detail capture and fast performance, vital for comprehensive material analysis and prototype assessments.

Featured application: