SPIE Optics + Photonics 2024

Event Name SPIE Optics + Photonics 2024
Dates August 20-22, 2024
Venue San Diego Convention Center, CA | Booth #442
Official site SPIE Optics + Photonics 2024


Come visit booth 442 to explore our range of products, including PMT and MPPC detectors, mini-spectrometers, and more! These products are used in various  applications such as spectroscopy for color measurement and environmental analysis, optical manipulation (Optical Tweezers) for quantum applications, and multi-photon imaging, among others. Our knowledgeable engineers will be available at booth 442 to provide further details and answer your questions.

Featured products:

ORCA Quest 2

The ORCA-Quest 2, the latest advancement in our qCMOS camera line, elevates the benchmark set by its predecessor, the ORCA-Quest. This enhanced model boasts significant improvements, including accelerated readout speeds in an ultra-low-noise scan mode, alongside a heightened sensitivity within the ultraviolet spectrum. These advancements solidify the ORCA-Quest 2's position as a leading solution for demanding imaging requirements, ensuring unparalleled performance in capturing the most subtle nuances of light. What are your low-light challenges?

LCOS SLM optical phase modulators

The LCOS-SLM is a reflective spatial light modulator that freely controls the phase of light with a liquid crystal. Controlling the phase (wavefront) with LCOS-SLM enables researchers to generate a highly efficient optical microtrap array to confine neutral atoms. 

The H16201-40 photomultiplier tube module offers exceptional sensitivity and precision for low-light detection applications, ensuring accurate measurements in demanding environments. Its compact design and integrated high-voltage power supply simplify installation and enhance reliability. Ideal for a wide range of scientific and life sciences applications, the H16201-40 delivers outstanding performance and ease of use, making it a vital component for cutting-edge research and innovation.

Mini-spectrometer C12880MA

The C12880MA mini-spectrometer delivers high-performance spectral analysis in an ultra-compact form factor, making it perfect for portable and space-constrained applications. Its advanced CMOS sensor technology provides accurate and reliable spectral analysis across a wide wavelength range. Ideal for diverse fields such as environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and industrial inspection, the C12880MA offers exceptional versatility and ease of integration, empowering precise and efficient data collection in any setting.