Hamamatsu has developed a novel 3D fluorescence scanning method called "Zyncscan™" with a light-sheet for cell-based fluorescence assays in microplates

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Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has developed a novel 3D fluorescence scanning method called "Zyncscan™" that performs x-z plane scans using a light-sheet for cell-based fluorescence assays in microplates. This technology provides an x-z plane scan using a light-sheet for a whole 96/384/1536-well microplate, allowing users to obtain 3D fluorescence images of whole wells in xy: 2–3 μm and z: 6–7 μm voxel resolution for ≤ 300 μm thickness from the well bottom within a few minutes per color. This technology also allows for ultra-high level separation of cell fluorescence signals from the background, which makes it possible to obtain cell fluorescence images in the cell culture mediums containing serum and with fluorescent dyes (i.e., no need to wash out fluorescent dyes).


CYTOQUBE™ (Light-Sheet Microplate Cytometer) Prototype equipped with Zyncscan™ technology

Background of development

In drug discovery and development, there is a rapidly growing need to use more physiologically-relevant in vitro cell culture models. These include primary cells, patient-derived cells, human iPSC-derived disease-modeling cells, co-cultures of different types of cells, and 3D cultures such as spheroids and organoids. To develop and advance phenotypic assays and screenings using these physiologically-relevant cellular models, new types of instruments needed to be developed to facilitate high-throughput fluorescence imaging and measurement of heterogeneous 2D and 3D cell cultures. To meet this need, we have developed Zyncscan™ technology that performs an x-z plane scan utilizing a light-sheet for a microplate.

Zyncscan™ technology

Zyncscan™ technology consists of a hardware component for fluorescence measurement (an x-z plane scanning with a light-sheet for a microplate) and a data handling component to extract cell fluorescence 3D signals from the background in the scanned fluorescence image, which Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. originally developed. Please see the principle and features of this wonderful technology in the movie below.

Principle of Zyncscan™ technology

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