New InGaAs line scan camera for inline SWIR inspection released on November 1

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SWIR (short-wavelength infrared) imaging is a great solution for nondestructive inspection. It sees under the surface, differentiates materials based on their SWIR spectral signatures, and offers a safe and convenient way to ensure product quality. Example applications include checking liquid volumes in packages, inspecting contents of sealed containers, and detecting damages and contaminants in agricultural products. In addition, applications in the semiconductor industry include Si wafer pattern inspection and solar cell defect detection.

Integrating SWIR imaging into production lines requires fast line rate, high-sensitivity cameras such as the new C15333-10E InGaAs line scan camera from Hamamatsu.

Released on November 1, the C15333-10E InGaAs line scan camera joins Hamamatsu’s long-established product line of SWIR and NIR (near-infrared) imaging technologies, which include InGaAs area cameras for high-quality inspection. This new camera is ideal for real-time, inline nondestructive inspection using SWIR imaging, and has the following features:

  • High SWIR sensitivity
  • Fast line rate
  • 1024-pixel linear array
  • GigE Vision


InGaAs Line Scan Camera C15333-10E


High sensitivity in SWIR

This camera covers wavelengths from 950 nm to 1700 nm, with QE above 60% from wide range.

Spectral response graph

Large field-of-view (FOV)

This camera’s 1024-pixel linear array captures a large field-of-view, comparing to our InGaAs area cameras C12741-03, which has 640 × 512 pixels.

Fast line rate

40 kHz/line (max.) imaging is possible, making this camera suitable for high-speed inline inspection.

High-quality imaging with the pixel correction function

Hamamatsu's circuit design enables low read noise and high performance. Pixel correction functions correct hot pixels, sensor variation, and intensity variation.

Image correction comparison

Employs Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

This camera employs Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, which are widely used in industrial fields, and it supports GigE Vision.

GigE logo

Compact and lightweight

Its compact and lightweight design makes the camera easy to integrate into inspection systems.

Size: 49 mm (W) × 49 mm (H) × 100 mm (D) (not including protrusions).
Weight: Approx. 250 g.

InGaAs Line Scan Camera C15333-10E Outline dimension

Lower price than area cameras

This line scan camera is about 1/3 the price of our InGaAs area cameras.

Imaging examples

Detection of stones mixed in coffee beans

Stones that are difficult to detect in visible images because of their similar size and hue to coffee beans can be easily detected in SWIR images.

Comparison image of mixed coffee beans

Liquid level inspection of sealed containers

The liquid level in sealed juice or yogurt containers can be seen with SWIR imaging.

Smoothie level inspection

Detection of contaminants (stones and plastic) mixed in rice

Contaminants that are difficult to detect in visible images because of their similar size and hue to rice grains can be easily detected in SWIR images.

Comparison image of rice mixing

Inspection of apples for damages

It is possible to detect damages on apples that are difficult to distinguish visually.

Apple comparison image

Container inspection

The contents of sealed plastic containers, such as instant food, can be checked.

Cup noodle comparison image

Semiconductor wafer pattern inspection

The internal pattern of Si wafers can be observed.

Si wafer comparison image

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