Near-infrared SC (supercontinuum) light source

Hamamatsu’s near-infrared SC light source is a compact laser light source with a broad spectrum and laser characteristics such as high coherence and brightness.
It uses a broad spectrum laser that is generated by non-linear optical phenomenon with an ultrashort pulsed laser.

NIR SC light source


1) High stability: 0.1 % (typical)

2) High brightness: 20,000 times (compared to halogen lamp)

3) Broad spectrum: 1300 nm to 2000 nm


1) OCT (optical coherence tomography)

2) FT-NIR (Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy)

3) Gas measurement

4) Semiconductor wafer inspection

5) Near-infrared spectrophotometry


Spectral distribution (typ.)

spectral distribution

Output stability (at 1500 nm)

output stability

Comparison of output stability

Stability: Below ±0.1 %
Exposure time: 5 ms


Stability: ±2.0 %
Exposure time: 5 ms

Brightness characteristics

Hamamatsu near-infrared SC light source

Brightness characteristics (SC light source)


Halogen lamp (7 W)

Brightness characteristics (Halogen lamp 7 W)


Parameter Description / Value Unit
Laser type SC (supercontinuum)
Beam mode Single mode
Polarization Linear
Oscillation mode Pulse operation
Repetition rate 50 MHz
Spectral distribution 1300 to 2000 nm
Output power 50 mW
Output stability (typ.) ±0.1 %
Output core diameter 10 μm
Input voltage (AC) 100 V to 240 V, single phase 50Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption (max.) 80 VA