Specially designed to detect UV light (λ=266 nm)

Si APD for semiconductor inspection equipment "S14124-20"

The S14124-20 is a Si APD with high sensitivity to 266 nm UV light.

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, defects that must be detected on wafers have become smaller due to the process geometry miniaturization of circuit patterns.
In order to improve accuracy for detecting such defects, short-wavelength light sources and detectors with high sensitivity to UV light are used in optical-based semiconductor inspection equipment.

Hamamatsu’s new product, the S14124-20, offers a high quantum efficiency of 87% for 266 nm light, which is the fourth harmonic of YAG lasers used as light sources for semiconductor inspection equipment.
This product can be used as a detector for semiconductor inspection equipment, laser processing equipment, and photomask defect inspection equipment.

Quantum efficiency vs. wavelength


Parameter NEW S14124-20 Unit
Photosensitive area φ 2.0 mm
Package TO-8 -
Breakdown voltage 400 V
Quantum efficiency (λ=266 nm) 87 %
Dark current 10 max. nA
Cutoff frequency 250 MHz
Gain 50 to 400 -

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